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This page will gradually provide useful tools for indoor cycling.

Even though all the tools we provide are free of charge, that doesn't mean they're usless. Not everything that costs nothing is worth nothing!
We hope to be able to support the many volunteer trainers and commissioners in their work.

We hope you enjoy browsing.

Training (Artistic and Uni Cycling)


WeBo is a freeware application to generate and manage evaluation sheets for artistic cycling.

last update: 30.06.2024


MannyTraining is free application for the computer based judging in the artistic cycling training.

last update: 04.12.2023

Multimedia Regulations

The Multimedia Artistic Cycling Regulations are a joint project with ICWW. It supplements the current regulations with images and videos to visually complement the explanations and graphics.

Jury Education (Artistic and Uni Cycling)


JuLe (Jury Learning) is an interactive learning software with which commissaires and commissaires candidates can learn the regulations of artistic cycling/unicycling.


MannyAusbildung is a freeware application to teach artistic cycling Commissaires.

last update: 04.12.2023



Manny-Qt and Wettkampfbuero-Qt are free applications for the computer based judging for artistic cycling competition.

last update: 27.01.2024


RaPo is a free application for preparation and execution of Cycleball and polo competitions and ligues.

last update: 01.01.2024


Trainingszeiten is a freeware to manage and handle the training during a competition.

last update: 13.02.2022

online Trainingszeiten

OnlineTrainigszeiten is a tool for allocating or reserving training times online (e.g. for national championships).

competition finder

The competition finder is a simple search engine, which regularly polls the most popular artistic cycling reporting and Results platforms and collects the competitions.

Results service


The Liveticker offers the opportunity to make the data of a competition held with Manny available online. Not only the final results but also the current ranking are shown.


RaPo offers the opportunity to make the cyclingball/polo results available online. Not only the final results but also the current ranking are shown.


The announcements as well as the start and result lists of most German-speaking competitions in artistic and uni cycling are published on Hallenrad.de.


The world annual best list in artistic and unicycling records the results of all published competitions worldwide and creates the best list from them.
Many equality factors are calculated based on this data.


The HRS live ticker is the live reporting by the German professional magazine HallenRadSport on Facebook.


Hallenradsport.org is the online presence of the German professional magazine HallenRadSport with many detailed reports on indoor cycling.


The Randsport-Magazin reports in detail on national German and international competitions in indoor cycling. It also provides extensive photo galleries.

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